Frequently Asked Question

What is Pengwin?

Pengwin is the personal shipping assistant for E-Commerce merchants on Social Media.

It helps you with comparing shipping rates, book parcels and manage your orders on Facebook and Instagram. No additional website needed – you can do it all on Facebook Messenger.

Who can use Pengwin?

Pengwin is made for social sellers who sell on Facebook and Instagram.

If you are selling – e.g. fashion, cosmetics or any other product category – on Facebook Messenger, Pengwin can help you to prepare your shipments directly on the chat with your customer.

How to use Pengwin?

Step 1: Registration
To use Pengwin, you need to register first.Open a chat with Pengwin on Facebook Messenger and type “Get started” to initiate the registration. Please provide your address and contact details. We need those in case we have a question or a shipment needs to be returned to you.If you need change your details, you can always come back to update your profile in the chat with Pengwin.

Step 2: Shipping

After you’ve completed the registration, you can start shipping with Pengwin.

Once you’re in an ongoing conversation with a customer, press the “Explore” button, then search for “Pengwin” and look out for your shipping assistant. Pengwin will guide you from here.

How do I book a parcel with Pengwin?

Once you have activated Pengwin in a conversation with your customer, follow these simple steps:

  1. Invite your customer to provide his shipping address and contact details – no more typos in the address. We will only use these data to make sure the parcel gets delivered to the right place in time.
  2. Next, select the parcel size and product category so we know what you’re shipping. This will help us to search for the best shipping rate.
  3. Finally, select your preferred shipping carrier, make the payment and finalize the booking
  4. After that, you can post the tracking number directly into the chat with your customer – so he/she can track the shipment. No more “where is my parcel?” questions.

How do I prepare the parcel?

Parcel preparation differs from carrier to carrier. First you need to package your parcel properly.

For DHL parcels: Just write the tracking number onto the parcel and drop it off at any DHL eCommerce Service Points. You can find the nearest shop here:

More shipping carriers coming soon!

What can Pengwin do for me?

Currently, Pengwin helps you with booking a parcel with DHL eCommerce on Facebook Messenger.

Soon, Pengwin will add more carriers for you to choose from. You can select your your preferred shipping carrier by best price, nearest drop-off point, customer ratings or the criteria that is most important for you.

Also, Pengwin will provide you with a dashboard to manage your orders without leaving the Social Media Platform.

Which shipping carriers are supported by Pengwin?

Today Pengwin works with DHL eCommerce.

For Thailand More carriers like Thai Post and Kerry are coming soon.

For Malaysia More carriers like Pos Laju and GDex are coming soon.

Which Social Media channels are supported by Pengwin?

Pengwin is available on Facebook Messenger.

It will soon be available on many other Social Media Platforms and Chat apps like LINE Messenger, WhatsApp, Zalo and many others.

Can Pengwin also be used on LINE Messenger?

Currently Pengwin is available on Facebook Messenger.

It will soon be available on LINE Messenger and many other Social Media Platforms and Chat apps.

Can Pengwin also be used on Instagram?


If you link you Instagram Page with your Facebook Page, you can find all incoming messages from Instagram in your Facebook Messenger Inbox. Simply activate Pengwin from there and start shipping immediately.

In which countries can I use Pengwin?

Pengwin is currently available in Thailand and Malaysia.

More countries coming soon!

How does the pricing work?

Pengwin gets you the best shipping rate in town.

It compares rates from different shipping providers for you to choose your preferred carrier.

Can Pengwin help me with shipping parcels to other countries?

Right now, Pengwin can only book domestic shipments – within Thailand or within Malaysia.

Cross-border parcel booking will soon be available!

Do I need do download another app to use Pengwin?

No – it all works on Facebook Messenger directly.

First you need to complete the registration with the Pengwin bot.

After that you can activate Pengwin directly from Facebook Messenger. Once you’re in an ongoing conversation with a customer, press the “Explore” button, then search for “Pengwin” and look out for your shipping assistant. Pengwin will guide you from here.

How much does Pengwin cost?

Pengwin is free of charge! You only pay for shipping – at the best shipping rate in town.

Is Pengwin a shipping company?

No, Pengwin has no own logistics infrastructure.

We partner with all relevant shipping carriers and do the dirty work for you – so you can focus on your business.

Where can I drop-off my parcels?

A shop finder will come soon.

How can I get in touch?

If you want to know more about Pengwin, please feel free to reach out to us via

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